protecting people our commitment to health and safety

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Safety is embedded in everything we do at Chevron Bangladesh. Our safety culture is based on two unwavering principles:

  • Do it safely or not at all
  • There is always time to do it right.

We do not compromise on safety, because getting results the right way makes us who we are.

We are committed to protecting our people and developing a workplace that is incident and injury free. To achieve this, we work together as one team to send our employees and contractors home safe from work every day.

At Chevron, we believe that incidents are preventable, and we have policies, processes, tools and behavioral expectations in place to assist us in achieving that goal. We call the systematic management of process safety, reliability and integrity, environment, efficiency, security and stakeholders to achieve world-class performance Operational Excellence (OE) – and it drives everything we do.

our OE focus areas

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eliminate fatalities, serious injuries and illnesses
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eliminate high-consequence process safety incidents and operate with industry-leading reliability
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assess and manage significant environmental risks
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use energy and resources efficiently
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prevent high-consequence security and cybersecurity incidents
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address OE business risks through stakeholder engagement and issues management

fatality prevention - start work checks

Chevron Bangladesh has implemented the Start Work Checks across all our facilities since January 2018. The Start Work Checks, the new and easy-to-use checklists, complement existing Managing Safe Work (MSW) standards and are intended to assure critical safeguards are in place and verified prior to conducting targeted high-risk work activities.  

promoting a healthy workforce

The health and wellness of our employees is our top priority. We invest in the health of our workforce to optimize the physical and mental wellbeing of our team. 

By taking the time to do things the right way, we are constantly aiming to improve our productivity, reduce high-consequence incidents and ensure we maintain a safe, diverse and inclusive workplace. 

partnering with contractors

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Worldwide, contractors comprise approximately 75% of Chevron’s total workforce hours and that is why the health and safety of our contractors is paramount. Our Contractor Health Environment & Safety Management (CHESM) process establishes clear accountabilities, ensures the active engagement of contractors and provides a consistent program to help eliminate HES incidents and injuries involving contractors.

short service employee (SSE) program

Contractors who are new to the industry or Chevron Bangladesh or have less than six months experience in their trade/craft or those who have returned to their trade/craft after a break in service in the industry for more than a year are identified as Short Service Employee (SSE). As a part of CHESM, we ensure that contractors short service employees are identified, appropriately supervised, trained, mentored, and managed to prevent accidents such as personal injury, injury to others, environmental damage, or property damage. Contractor need to have a program in place to manage their SSEs in accordance with Chevron Expectations

contractor fitness for duty (FFD)

Chevron Bangladesh’s Contractor Fitness for Duty Program clarifies expectations related to the management of fitness of contractor personnel. The intent of the Contractor FFD program is that the Contractors demonstrate their personnel are fit to perform the duties to which they are assigned