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over 60 percent scholarship recipients are girls

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23 high schools and 60 SHIKHON schools

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849 scholarships

Under the Quality Education Support initiative, a scholarship drive for high-achieving underprivileged students was launched in 2001. In 2020, scholarships were awarded to 849 students in 23 schools. Also included are remuneration support for additional teachers in selected schools, an endowment fund, sports equipment, school furniture, sanitation facilities and tube-wells to provide safe drinking water for selected schools. 

The SHIKHON project, a collaboration between Chevron and Save the Children, aims to provide 3½ years of an accelerated non-formal primary school education to 1,800 previously out-of-school children and dropouts from 46 villages near our areas of operation. Under a new phase of the project, marginalized and hard-to-reach children aged five to seven years will complete a pre-primary component and Grades I through III in 60 Early Primary Education (EPE) centers or one-room schools by January 2022. They will then be equipped to transition into Bangladesh’s national education system from Grade IV and beyond. The SHIKHON project will engage 1,800 parents of the participating children, 60 EPE center teachers, and 660 community members. Infrastructural improvements will be made to nine government primary schools.